Dear mothers, winter is coming! And while we can’t promise Jon Snow or even Rob Stark for that matter… foggy mornings, freezing days and chilling nights are definitely on the cards. Now, all these might be usual for you during winters. After all, you weren’t just born yesterday. But your baby was.
So, while you prepare yourself for the long cold night that winter is, don’t forget to prepare a Winter Kit for your babies i.e. a bunch of clothes your baby can wear during the season and stay warm and cute. You can add all that you deem necessary along with a few things we’ve listed below already.

● Sweaters & Jackets: There’s no better way to start preparing a winter clothes kit for your babies than by starting with buying cute and warm sweaters and jackets for them. But, before you head out to your nearest baby store, make sure to keep a few things in mind: (1) the woollens must be of the right size, (2) the fabric must be soft enough, (3) the clothes must be warm enough to protect your babies from the freezing winters. And this applies to any winter essential item you buy for your babies.
● Blankets & Quilts: Warm blankets and quilts go hand in hand when the winters arrive. And it is not something that only adults need, babies need to stay warm and cosy in their beds too. Especially given their weak immune system, keeping them warm should be your topmost priority. You can check out our website for some amazing quilt and blanket options. Made from premium fabric, the products are soft on the skin and very lightweight. Besides, the knitted blankets on MiArcus are available in different sizes, to fit the needs of every newborn.
● Sleeping Suits: With a warm blanket protecting them from the cold, your babies might find it uncomfortable sleeping in a sweater. You can replace that with regular clothes but you know that won’t be enough thickness. What you can do is get a few sleeping suits – just enough thick to provide the right warmth your baby would need during nap time.
● Baby Wrap: Baby wraps are good for carrying around kids that aren’t old enough to wear clothes, while outside. If not that, the baby wrap can add an extra layer of warmth for your baby when you and him/her are going out for a stroll during winters. The knitted fabric gives your baby a sense of comfort and keeps them safe.
P.S: We’ve just launched our Christmas Collection.
The Christmas collection is a limited edition holiday theme mainly focused on winters. It not only offers baby blankets, bibs, clothing, wraps, gift sets & toys but also cute Christmas theme decoration products like Christmas tree skirt, gift stockings and chenille throws to make the baby’s Christmas a special one! Also, for the very first time, we’re offering personalization in the product. The customers can choose to get their baby’s names written on the bib.
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