What to Gift to Expecting Parents – A Mini Guide

Pregnant friends and baby showers… they may or may not be a part of your life right now, but soon you’ll be a regular at gift shops, buying an ‘appropriate’ gift for an upcoming baby shower. Now, you may not like the idea of baby showers simply because you have no clue as to what to give expecting parents. Besides, having a baby is not easy. Your expecting friends/siblings need you the most amidst their transition from simple adults to parents. Between countless doctors appointments, investing in expensive gear, and carrying an entire person inside them all day, things can get stressful. So, every little thing or big thing you do will take a bit of the load off their shoulders. Thus, don’t let this chance pass away and show your soon-to-be parents your love and excitement. As for finding a good gift, we’ve plenty of ideas that you may want to hear.

Bathing/ Feeding and other utilitarian sets for the baby

Buying clothes and other accessories for the newborn baby is one of the most exhausting tasks first-time parents will ever come across. Why? As a parent of a newborn baby, there are a lot of factors to consider. For starters, babies are quite fussy while eating. They’ll throw the food here and there, spit it out repeatedly and spoil the clothes. So, a baby feeding, which usually contains a set of baby bibs, can come handy.
Secondly, the immune system of the baby is still developing and soo, maintaining hygiene is very important to keep them healthy. And one of the first hygiene tips for babies is to use a separate bathing set i.e. fresh and clean towels, bathing robe, a set of blankets to wrap them up and so on.
Additionally, you can gift your expecting friends baby clothes. Those are quite simple to buy and are sure to never fail.

Maternity pillows for the mother

A ‘good night sleep’ during pregnancy is a myth. Sleeping or even lying down on the bed is a huge distress due to lack of comfort and support. Maternity pillows are designed to suit and support the changing contours and curves of the body during pregnancy. It offers to-be mothers the much needed support in various sleeping positions, enabling them to sleep stressfully.

Check out MiArcus’ range of maternity pillows. Made with Premium Organic Cotton, the fabric adds to the comfort of motherhood. The C- shaped pillows are perfect for that perfect snuggle and stress free sleep. It provides both perfect nestling and stable support.

Baby cot/ toys/ stroller

As the newborn gets older, maybe 3-4 months old, a stroller and a cot become an inevitable need.  Although it’s common knowledge, the purchase happens much later. You can take the opportunity and help your pregnant friends prepare in advance by buying them a baby cot – and maybe also help them set it up later. The same applies to toys and strollers. You can get a good, comfortable stroller or a baby toy set

Shopping Vouchers
If you don’t want to get into choosing gifts, you can give your friend a shopping voucher. They can use it once the baby has arrived to shop for baby products they like.
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