In one of our previous blogs, we told you about the several ways a new mother/ father can use a maternity pillow. Among all the shared benefits, one was the use of maternity pillows for breastfeeding. Now, being a community of mothers, we can tell you that U shaped pillows can work wonders for you, making your breastfeeding journey much much easier. But, we’d also like you to know that using the U shaped pillow for breastfeeding isn’t a necessity and rather an individual choice. Some new mothers find it incredibly comfortable and necessary as feeding support, while some don’t.

P.S: You may borrow a feeding pillow and see if you find it comfortable and essential before buying it for yourself.

Moving on, if you already have a U shaped pillow or plan to buy it later and want to see if it really helps in breastfeeding, below is how to use a U shaped pillow for breastfeeding.

● Step 1: Take the U shaped pillow and put it around your waist. Do so before lifting the baby in your loving arms. Otherwise, getting started would be a hassle.
● Step 2: Swaddle your baby in a baby wrap or in a muslin cloth and settle him/ her in a feeding position. Make sure you are holding the baby as close to your body as possible.
● Step 3: Secure the pillow.
● Step 4: Adjust the pillow and make sure the height of the pillow is according to your comfort.
● Step 5: Now finally rest your baby’s head on the pillow. This step helps support the baby well and also ensure that the baby gets a good latch.

Baby spit up more often than not. So, whenever buying a pillow, buy the ones available with a suitable cover. That’d let you take out the cover and wash it instead of cleaning the entire pillow. Although, most maternity pillows come with changeable covers that are machine washable.

Apart from the U shaped pillow, C shaped pillow can also be used to sweeten the breastfeeding journey. The C shaped pillow by MiArcus is a multi-functional pillow which can be used for both: the mother and the little one. The pillow provides the right support & position the baby correctly while feeding. As they grow, this gives the baby support to sit, stumble and play. It is the perfect product for nursing and to prop up a sitting baby with lasting stable quality.

Visit the MiArcus Maternity section to check out the different maternity care pillows. Review the products and order the one that you like. Happy parenting!