Dear men and ladies, if you are expecting a baby, this blog is something you must read. Although, if you are not expecting or not married now, we still suggest you read the blog. Someday, you may need the information, either for yourself or to help a friend. What are we going to talk about? Tbh, we started with a question: what all can we do using a baby wrap? The descriptions you find with the products make a lot of things clear about how a wrap is intended to use, but there’s always more to know and learn. And keeping that in mind, we have curated a list of different ways you can use our baby wraps.

Swaddle your baby to sleep, safely and comfortably

Have you ever seen a baby, wrapped inside a blanket like a cocoon but with just their heads outside? You may know about it and you may not. Nevertheless, swaddling is an age-old practice of wrapping babies in a light, breathable blanket to help them feel calm and sleep. All you have to do is take a baby wrap (we have plenty of options on our website, pick whichever you want) and then gently wrap your baby inside it like a cocoon, leaving only the head outside. The idea is that being swaddled will help your little one feel snug and secure, like how they felt in your womb.

  • Mimics the womb and helps a newborn transition into the real world comfortably.
  • Reduces the effects of the Moro reflex (a neurological response that makes newborns feel like they’re free-falling)
  • Keeps your baby at an optimal temperature

Use as a burp cloth
The use of premium organic cotton in baby wraps at MiArcus makes it an excellent choice for use as a burp cloth. The thick yet soft texture helps you keep your baby clothes dry and stainless despite whatever they spit out once you pat them on their back. Just sling the wrap like a blanket on your shoulders and let your little one burp it all out. Don’t worry about the stains and smell, baby wraps are very easily washable. Besides, organic cotton becomes softer when washed.

Keep the baby warm while travelling
Travelling, be it in your car, train or on a flight, with a baby is a compelling task. You never know which clothes would keep your little one warm, comfortable and safe. Now, given that you know about baby wraps and the several reasons why organic cotton is a pro-baby material, you can use it to swaddle your baby inside it and carry them easily. The organic cotton is soft on your baby’s skin and makes the wrap the best partner for your child. It has cute animal illustrations on it and makes for a happy embrace for your tiny tot to be in.

While using the changing table at public places

Have to change your baby’s diaper but you are in a public place like a restaurant, airport, etc.? Just take out your baby wrap, spread it on the table or chair (whatever is around and perfect for the job) and take care of the business. So simple!

Summing up the blog, there are endless ways to use a baby wrap owing to its benefits. To give you a few more examples, you can use a wrap as a baby bib, play mat, extra layer of comfort during your baby’s sleep time and so on.

Check out the different baby wraps available on our website, try the different ways we have suggested and even come up with new ways to use the product.