Dealing with back pain during pregnancy
Whether you just found out that you are pregnant or you are planning to conceive a baby at a later time, you’ve got to know all about this amazing product called maternity pillows. A pregnancy pillow, maternity pillow and breastfeeding pillow, etc. whatever you call it, the U shaped maternity pillow from MiArcus product is a great investment and a great addition to your post-pregnancy nighttime routine. Here’s why!

Dealing with back pain during pregnancy
One of the first things that you’d end up sacrificing during pregnancy is your sleep. Not because your baby won’t let you sleep or it is a bad thing to do, but you won’t be able to sleep due to the constant back pain you’ll experience post-pregnancy. Not to scare you but if you haven’t been pregnant before, you must know that back pain is a constant during the entire pregnancy. The increased frontal weight during pregnancy can cause significant low back strain, especially with twins and triplets. This pain would cause discomfort while sleeping.
Worried? Don’t be. The U shaped and C shaped maternity pillow are all that you need to ensure peaceful sleep during pregnancy. The maternity pillows provide just the right amount of support to manage the weight exerted on your lower back, enabling you to sleep more comfortably and peacefully. Furthermore, if you have a twin pregnancy or chronic back pain, the benefits of a pregnancy pillow can be life-changing.
The pillows add the extra layer of comfort
You’ll also sleep deeper and wake up less often during the night
A quality U shaped and C shaped maternity pillow can also improve the alignment of your spine, back, and hips; relieve pressure, and help you wake up with absolutely no pain during the morning.
Using these pillows, pregnant ladies can sleep in the half-fetal which is considered as the safest sleeping position during pregnancy.

Post-delivery, the pillows can be used for breastfeeding
Maternity pillows are a valuable product even after delivery of the baby. Post-delivery, the pillows can be used to make breastfeeding easier for the baby. The pillows will help you position the baby correctly and comfortably while breastfeeding, allowing the baby to latch to your breasts properly.
The pillows help new mothers breastfeed for longer periods
Fathers can use the pillows to mimic breastfeeding and feed the baby with a bottle

To support the belly weight and ligaments
Before delivery, the pillows can help ensure the right amount of belly support a pregnant mother would need. Post-delivery, the pillow can help support the ligaments tighten up and get back to their original, pre-pregnancy shape.

Induce better sleep
Pregnant women or the expecting fathers, if you are experiencing troubles sleeping owing to reasons such as neck and back pain, insomnia, etc., a maternity pillow can finally help you sleep better and for a prolonged period. U shaped and C shaped pillows allow the body to transit easily into REM sleep, inducing better and more restful sleep.
Now, having said so much about the wonderful benefits of an equally amazing product, we’d not mind if you decide to buy it. In fact, you can check out our maternity section. We’ve got some amazing maternity pillows that you’ll like.