Remember the times when having a baby used to be about “the beginning of a new journey”? Well, much hasn’t changed between then and now except, of late, having a baby has also become synonymous with “change” – including but not limited to the bodily changes which become evident during the pregnancy. As a parent, you are not only responsible for yourself and your partner, but also for the little one who you hold so dearly in your arms.

In a nutshell, you’ll have to make several ‘severe’ changes in your life. One of these changes will be in the way you travel (not discussing your everyday travelling needs) but in general the rare ones: to the supermarket, to your family’s house, to a new city or even to a holiday destination. Since you won’t be travelling to these places alone, you will have to pre-plan these events to ensure the safety and comfort of your little ones. And a part of the advance planning would be to prepare a ‘travel checklist’ for your baby/ babies. Before you say anything, below are a few things you can add to your checklist.

Diapers. Pack as many as you can to ensure plenty for the road. You can always restock once you are at your destination. If possible, buy a diaper bag – a designated bag for the diapers of your baby.
Car seat. For all your journeys to your parent’s house, to the supermarket, etc. using a car.

Baby wipes. So you don’t end up using a non-sensitive cloth on your baby’s butt while wiping it. Additionally, you should have the following things to create a home-like bathing and changing experience: changing pads, diaper rash cream, empty Ziplocs (for dirty clothing or diapers on the go), travel-sized baby wash, inflatable bathtub.
Baby food. This might include pre-pumped breast milk or other food items approved by the doctor depending on the age of your baby. Also, Since we are talking about baby and food, pack a few baby bibs too. You’d definitely want to avoid your baby burping and spoiling your clothes while you feed them. In addition, you need an insulated bag for milk, nursing cover, clean and sterilized bottles, burp rags (you can use muslin blankets instead), etc.

Sleeping essentials. Not their entire bedding but just enough essentials to put them to sleep in your lap, keeping them warm and comfortable. To suggest a few things, you need a travel cot, a muslin blanket, a baby wrap, and a warm blanket. If you’ll be staying too, pack a few bed sheets too.
Clothes. A lot of them include hats, socks, diaper covers, and accessories (if you like your baby dressed up all the time).
Misc items. Apart from all the specific items for babies, you need a few more to make sure a safe, comfortable and hassle-free travel with your baby. The list of miscellaneous items include pacifier, chew toys, medicines, first aid kit, baby monitor, extra shirt, water bottle, baby carrier, stroller, etc.

That’s all for the checklist. Have a happy and safe travel experience with your little one.