The Stuff They Don’t Tell You About Expecting Mothers

Becoming a mother is a special feeling and it only grows with age. But, there’s a difference between thinking about and actually becoming a mother. For starters, we just focus on the ‘awws’ and the surface level relationships between a parent and the child. Although, there’s a lot of effort which goes behind the scenes for it. Apart from the responsibility, there’s a lot of growing up which happens along with the process.  If you are not prepared mentally, you might even freak out!

Considering that, in this write-up, we’ll talk about the stuff no one tells you about expecting mothers and how you, as the soon-to-be father, friend, or family member, can help to make the process simpler and less stressful.

Physical and emotional changes 

Physical and emotional changes are two of the most obvious changes in a woman post pregnancy. As the fetus develops, your body starts preparing to accommodate the new life and a lot of transformation takes place. This is the time when they are most vulnerable and a little extra self-awareness can help them act in the most appropriate manner for a healthy and happy nine months.

While the process takes time, continued support from friends, family members and partners can make things easier. Here’s a few ways to support the ‘soon-to-be mom’ in your life.

  • No matter how tempted you feel, don’t call her fat
  • Remind her that she’s beautiful and how much you love her
  • Be there when they are venting and listen. Don’t say anything

They’ll feel annoyed with every little thing. So, be patient and don’t react in a manner which makes things worse

Postpartum depression is real

Postpartum depression is as real as the newborn baby you held in your hand. For someone suffering from the same, it takes a lot of courage to share how she is feeling. The unbearable pressure to be a perfect mother and the stigma of mental illness can cause feelings of shame and guilt. If you can, give her the help and support she needs.

  • When she is talking, do your best to not interrupt and just listen
  • Tell her how strong she is
  • Don’t try to fix the problem
  • Encourage her to get professional help

Ask how you can help

Make sacrifices out of love

Aside from physical and emotional challenges, pregnancy also leads to multiple sacrifices on the mother’s side. For starters, no more street food, alcohol, caffeine, and so on. She’ll be tired all the time and ‘morning sickness’ will be a thing. To help her out and to support her in the process, you (irrespective of what your relation is with the mother) must make sacrifices, even though there’s no rules as such.

  • Eat what she eats when dining with her
  • Don’t drink when she’s around or at all
  • Talk to her and keep her entertained
  • Help her with the appointments and other stuff

No one is born prepared for the responsibilities that come with the ‘good news’. A mother or father is born the moment a child is born. And, even if you have second thoughts about becoming parents right now, things will fall into place with the right amount of preparation and support. If you need help, join our Mothers Community and talk to maternity experts and other new mothers like you.