Dear friends and family members of new parents, isn’t it frustrating not knowing how to help when it’s required the most? Well, your days of helplessness are over. In this blog, we‘ll share different ways you can make a difference in the lives of the new parents in your life.

Be there to listen and guide them
Raising the second child is a piece of cake compared to the first one. Want to know why? As a first time parent, people are always shooting in the dark… they don’t always know what to do, how to react and what to expect. Amidst the described circumstances, the new mum and dad will always look up for pep talks from people who they can trust. If you are an experienced mother/ father or know a thing or two about parenting, be there to comfort them, listen to their doubts and guide them with the right advice.

Take care of the food
The first few weeks after the baby comes home is daunting for the new parents. They spend most of their time figuring out and adjusting to their new responsibilities. Amidst all that, the last thing they want to be worried about is food. Truth be told, nobody new mother thinks of baking bread right for the family moments after returning home from the hospital. That’s where you, their friends and family members, can help. While the new mother is regaining her strength and the father is helping her with the baby, you can take care of the food. As family members, you can take care of the cooking part for a few months. As friends, you can either bring food every time you visit or start a meal train for them. There are different ways to take care of that. We will let you figure that out yourself.

Help with family pet
With a newborn baby in the house, the parents will hardly be able to pay attention to their pets. But that doesn’t mean they would want anything bad to happen with their furry friends. You can take care of their pet for some time, allowing them to divert their undivided attention to the baby.

Help with other children
Now, if the new parents in your life aren’t first timers, they’d surely want some help with their older kids. Irrespective of how you are connected with the new parents, you can help in this particular area. Maybe take the firstborns to your home for a few weeks, especially if it is a summer or winter holiday going on. Bring them back once the parents are properly adjusted and are ready for their older kids.

Encourage self care
Caring for a newborn is a huge responsibility and it often causes the new parents to ignore the need for self-care and other equally important things. An uninterrupted hot shower, a lovely dinner at a fancy restaurant, a movie together, etc. would be the last thing in their priority list. Encourage them to take time out for themselves while you fill in for them. Believe us or not, they would appreciate it more than you can imagine.