Imagine this, you are walking on the street, probably retreating home from somewhere and you see a baby. You smile at the baby and the baby smile backs, only his smile is much cuter. Then you look into the eyes of this tiny little thing – his glaring eyes that could melt the toughest of hearts. And that’s the moment when it happens – when most men and women decide, for the first time, to have a baby of their own. Maybe the scenarios are different, but a few seconds of eye contact with these little angels is all it takes.

But, let us tell you this – getting pregnant and bringing a new life into this world isn’t as magical. You will be making a lot of severe changes in your life while coping with the physical pregnancy symptoms. All that CAN get a bit overwhelming. Having said that, if you stay calm and patient, take proper care of yourself and do all the right things, after 9 months you’ll have a piece of you in your hands, maybe wailing or smiling at you, making all this worth it.

So, let us ask you this once more – are you ready to have a baby? We are expecting a resounding “HELL YEAH” while you are reading this.

P.S: Before we get carried away, below are some 5 tips that we want you to follow and take care of yourself during pregnancy.

Don’t let your mind wander away
Keeping babies and pregnancy aside, in our regular lives, most of us are thinkers – people who like to think about every inch of things, losing ourselves in our thoughts and ending up petrifying ourselves. If you are a member of this club and planning a baby, cancel your membership. During pregnancy, the thinking will get a lot worse and you’ll forget to enjoy the little things around you. When that happens, switch to the “mindfulness” club and focus on your feelings, body sensations and the world around you.
The mindfulness club will help you live in the present moment and block out worries, allowing you to bond and connect with your unborn baby.

Stay active with yoga or through light exercise
Staying active and focusing on your mental and physical wellbeing is crucial to make your pregnancy easier. An hour of early morning or evening yoga and stretching can help you stay active, maintain your physical and mental wellbeing, strengthen your body, and ease aches and pains.
Some breathing techniques and positions can also help manage pain and get the baby into the best position during active childbirth.
Note: If you are new to yoga, it’s best to join a yoga class for pregnant women. Also, start only after the 14th week.

Be kind to yourself
Pregnancy is going to take a toll on you mentally, physically and emotionally. Little things will add up and enrage you. You’ll end bottling up your emotions and get sad, angry and annoyed. Thus, you need to be kind, less with others and a lot with yourself.
Talk to your partner, communicate feelings. Let it all out. Treat yourself with some self love. Fill your bathtub with warm water, add your favourite bath salt, mix it gently, and immerse yourself in a long, soaking bath. To spruce up the experience, pour yourself a glass of orange juice (may be) and turn on the loudspeaker in your mobile phone and put on some good music. Go for a walk or run. Order your husband to cook you appetizing dinner… or maybe take you out to your favourite restaurant. Find a peaceful corner in your house and a book to accompany you, and enjoy a quiet time.
You can do whatever works for you.

Make sure you sleep enough
Lastly, sleep enough. Proper sleep will help you take on the everyday challenges of pregnancy more strongly, and in a relaxed manner. A minimum of 8-9 hours of sleep is essential. Also, try a MiArcus maternity pillow to help you sleep better during pregnancy. The product will make your pregnancy so much easier and comfortable.
P.P.S: If this blog makes any difference during your pregnancy, do send us a picture of your little angel. We’ll be waiting, keeping an eye on our inbox on Instagram @official_miarcus.