Shower the Love with the parents to be: The little things which matter!

Think of that exact moment when you got to know for the first time that your circle is going to have an addition! The best part? This addition is going to a furball of cuteness, someone you look forward to meeting and seeing every time! A BABY!  

The arrival of a baby is big news for of course, the mother, but also for everyone who knows the parents. While this is a crucial time for the to-be parents, this is THE TIME to spread love, happiness and cheer with them if you happen to be around them. How? Let’s find out!

Visit them randomly!

Crash the house! *Conditions apply though
Happiness looks the best when shared with loved ones. Try to visit the to-be parents with gifts for them! Yes, you read that right, for them, not for the baby, yet. Tell them you are there for them and provide the emotional support that they might need at this point of time. Having said all of that, don’t invade too much privacy as well. Oh yes, too many medical questions are a strict non-no.


Little Surprises

We all know there’s nothing better than the random surprises which reach our homes, carts and mailboxes! While you can start with food, you can do the #ShoweringLove bit at different intervals by sending the to-be parents gift vouchers from Mi Arcus. How does it help?
a) It reminds them that you thought of them
b) The Special voucher from Mi Arcus lets them (The parents or the family members) decide what they want to buy for the baby
c) It leaves a sweet (of course, virtual) aftertaste when they read your mail

Be there: Virtually

The omnipresent positive gurus of 2020 say: “An afternoon call, a random voice-note, a really silly video call can make you sleep better at night. “ Now, picture this, your to-be parents friends are stressing out planning things for the future. You video call them and talk for about one good hour to make their day.
One good deed, added to your piggy bank. Do this often and say that again, “I will be there for you even when the baby wails; I will be there for you when you choose the first birthday cake flavor!”

Because, as we said, little things matter the most.
Make that phone call, buddy!