3 Steps to Become the Future Best Super Uncle/ Aunt

Every person comes across a point in their life when they have to make a difficult choice: what kind of uncle or aunt would they like to become?
The same happens to you once your BFF or your sibling breaks the news to you about them expecting a baby. That’s the moment you realize that you’ll have to buckle up and don a few more hats, especially the one that lets you be the ‘cool uncle/ aunt’.

If you have been through this experience once, you already know what we are going to talk about. But, if you haven’t, the foremost question you should ask yourself is how to earn that title?

Earning the title of cool uncle/aunt vs owning it: what’s the difference?

Earning a title is very different from owning the title. How? The answer lies in the memories of your childhood days. While growing up, we’ve all had one uncle or aunt who we would remember as the ‘super cool uncle/aunt’. They would do all the fun stuff with us, take us on daring adventure trips, tell us silly stories about our parents, shower love and cool gifts on us and so on. All these shenanigans happen at a much later stage when the baby is old enough to participate – helping you own the title. But the stage where you earn the title starts much earlier and the approval comes from the parents. Got no clue? Let us help you. 


Be their go-to person for all kinds of support

The transition from simple adults to new parents is physically and mentally exhausting and full of self-doubts. They are likely to doubt their capabilities as new parents. That’s where you need to intervene and provide them with physical and emotional support they need.

Here are a few things you can do.

  • Remind them of their positives and boost their self-confidence.
  • Patiently listen to them when they vent to you about all those little (and big!) changes going on.
  • Lend them a helping hand by joining them in decorating the new member’s room, buying toys for the kid, managing the doctor’s appointments, and buying the essential supplies for the baby.
  • Do some research and help them prepare the maternity bag i.e. a bag packed with clean sheets, dry towels, etc.

Smother them with love and gifts

Everyone loves surprises, especially the ones that arrive at moments we least expect them. Take a hint and smother them (not literally though) by #showeringlove using small and meaningful gifts that would help them post-delivery. Need some suggestions? Head out to MiArcus website and check out the gift vouchers. These special vouchers from Mi Arcus let them (The parents or the family members) decide what they want to buy for the baby.

  1. Entertain the to-be parents with fun stories

The process of becoming parents is very stressful for every expecting couple. And a few funny jokes every now and then, silly stories about their childhood will lighten their mood. Besides that, your efforts will help you earn the title of MVP (Most Valuable Person) in their life – and maybe the chance to be the first non-parent to hold the baby in their arms. The added advantage, you can use the same stories to entertain the baby once they grow up. Talking about the steps to own the title, you must remember that every newborn is unique. They all have different likes and dislikes once they grow up. What worked for your cool uncle/ aunt with you might not work for you and the newborn. So, once they start growing up, spend some time with them and you’ll know what all to do.