Imagine yourself holding your newborn baby in your arms for the first time. Wrapped in a piece of muslin. Unaware of everything around. The feeling of happiness… the euphoria you experience in that moment will be beyond anything you have or will ever experience. And if you are on the brink of experiencing the moment, you must know it won’t come easy.

Becoming parents is a blissful experience but it is never about just one moment. It is a journey that continues for a lifetime, starting from conception to holding your newborn in the ER room, and taking care of the baby their entire lives. Now if you already know that, you must prepare for your new normal to make parenting a truly blissful experience for yourself. And to start with, join a few classes to learn the basics of how to take care of a new baby.

Here’s a few things you can do: 

  • Gather knowledge. The best way to get an idea i.e. understand your role and responsibilities, the expectations your partners will have from you, et cetera. is by talking to people who are already familiar with the experience. You can always seek advice from your parents – or, you can read parenting books. The reading will give you a basic idea about your journey as a parent.
  • Prepare yourself mentally. Babies make people do crazy things. No matter how many classes you’ve taken, Youtube videos you’ve watched and how prepared you are; the real test starts when the baby comes home. So, even though you are physically and logistically prepared, mental preparation can help you cope with the challenges of being a parent.
  • Consult a nutritionist. Your child’s eating habits would change as they grow up. But there would still be restrictions on what they can and can’t eat. Talking to a nutritionist might help you understand the changes in their dietary habits over the years and ensure proper physical and mental growth of your child. 
  • Learn & practice. There are many self-help groups, online communities and training classes that can impart the necessary skills you need as a new parent. Joining these platforms can help you perform your new responsibilities effectively. However, remember that the contents of each group/platform would vary depending on the age of child in focus. For instance, classes focused on parents of newborns would focus on teaching skills like changing diapers, calming them, the right way of feeding a newborn and the kind of dress they should be wearing. On the other hand, classes for parents of older children will focus on completely different topics. You need to find the right group/platform as per requirement.  

Additionally, you’ll be making a lot of sacrifices in your individual life to take out time for the baby. For instance, lesser dinner outings with your partner, you’ll have less time for friends (or for yourself for that matter), sleep would become a luxury and so on. 

However, parenting is a beautiful journey and comes with its own sets of ‘aww’ and ‘ouch’ moments. After all the hard work and effort that goes into becoming a parent, moments such as your children gazing into your eyes, filling the room with laughter, taking his/her first steps, hearing him/her call you ‘mama’ and ‘papa’, and them peeing all over you, for that matter, are experiences that you definitely don’t want to miss!