Fathers-to-Be – Here’s something You’ll Love

“We are pregnant.” That’s the version of ‘good news’ we all prefer hearing – and that’s how it should be phrased. Bringing a new life into this world is not just the mother’s responsibility, fathers too have to do their part. Sure, they can’t carry the baby in their womb for 9 months or do anything even remotely close to that, but every little thing, the smallest help counts. If you agree and want to mean it when you say we are #PregnantTogether, here’s a small guide which will help.

Prepare mentally & emotionally

You won’t have to carry the baby in your womb for nine months or go through the entire delivery process, but no one is even remotely suggesting that being an expecting father is going to be an easy job. So, there are resources available in the market in forms of books, videos and blogs by other fathers. If nothing else, have a candid conversation with your parents and prepare yourself physically, mentally and emotionally for the new role.

Read the Do’s and Don’ts

While most people would say it’s a mother’s responsibility to take care of the child’s wellbeing, we believe fathers have an important role in this too. As pointed out in our previous blog, no one is born a mother. So, they might not be aware of the Dos and Don’ts of pregnancy. Take the initiative and tell them or go online and read all that you can. Use the freshly gained insight to help your lady love deliver a healthy and happy child.

Take care of the appointments

Here’s to some basic responsibilities of to-be-fathers. During pregnancy, the mother has to quite frequently visit different doctors, which would be easy if all their appointments are already made, and they have a schedule to refer to.

Got the hint? We hope you did.

Make the pregnancy comfortable for her

When we say make the ‘pregnancy easier for her’, we ain’t referring only to doing the basic things you can help with. Step up and show how good of a father you can become. Need a hint?

  • Put yourself in charge of shopping. Shop for all baby essentials. To give you a gist, you have to buy clothes for newborn babies, baby bibs for while feeding them, bathrobes, diapers, towels, onesies, and all the things you can imagine yourself using as a child. Remember, they can’t use the daily-use products you use. They need essentials that are designed keeping them in mind. 
  • Shop for strollers
  • Order a cradle and set it up a month before the due date to avoid last-minute issues
  • Get the baby’s room redecorated
  • Buy soft toys for your newborn
  • Get a maternity pillow for your lady love

And prepare a maternity kit. If you need help, visit our website or consult with your Doctor

Don’t run, face the problems 

Reminding you again, pregnancy won’t be easy. Due to the hormonal changes, pregnancy will be a very difficult time for your partner. They’ll argue for no reason, feel annoyed all the time, want to rest all day, pinpoint even the smallest mistakes that you make, and will experience mental health issues. As a loving partner, you’ll have to be patient, address the problem instead of running away, and stop her from doing things that might affect her and the baby in any way. Be there for her no matter how hard it is for you.

P.S: Everything is worth the moment you hold your baby in your hand for the first time.