Buying Clothes for Newborns: An Easy Guide

Dear ‘to-be’ or ‘freshly become’ parents, you and your newborn/ soon-to-be-born are the same but you really ain’t the same. Your skin and the skin of newborns aren’t the same. Their skin is much softer, more likely to get damaged from the use of harsher fabric, and less likely to repair itself due to a weaker immune system (which, as per experts, is in a developing stage). In other words, you can’t use your personal daily use items (which would come in direct contact with your baby’s skin) for your baby… and you must take care of a few things while buying clothes for your baby. And that applies to baby clothes shopping irrespective of whether it is done during pregnancy or post-pregnancy.

About the factors, you may not have the idea. Don’t worry. We are here to help you.

Don’t spend too much

Newborns grow up too fast. Before you know it, the clothes you just bought will no longer fit. This means you’ll be buying clothes for them more frequently than you think. So here’s the first rule: don’t spend too much while buying clothes for your newborns. Be smart and effective,

Avoid designer clothes. ‘Designer clothes for babies’ is a sham. And they are expensive. Go for regular, comfortable clothes that fit. Having said that, don’t miss out on the important details too.

Comfort should be your first priority

Babies are angels but they don’t need to look like one, literally. So no fairy dress for your babies, especially while they are still under 2. Maybe their 3rd or 4th birthday can be a good opportunity to fulfil your desire but before that, let’s keep ‘comfort’ your first priority while buying clothes for them.

Besides, much like adults, babies are happier when they are in comfortable clothes.

Go for gender-neutral clothing 

Babies, before they grow up and start going to playschool, there’s no need for you to stress buying gender-specific clothes for them. At least for the first 6 months to 1 year, you can manage with rompers. With buttons around the neck making it easy for the baby to wear, and snap buttons for a diaper change, its functionality is just one of the things to love about it.

P.S: You can always use rompers for your next baby without worrying about their gender.

Feel the fabric before buying 

Cotton, Voile, Broadcloth, Handkerchief linen, Muslin, et cetera. are some of the fabrics which are recommended for clothes made for babies. And unless you are an expert, it won’t be easy to identify by just looking at them. Go the extra mile and feel the fabric using your hands to be sure. If the feeling is soft, you can proceed with purchasing the cloth.

That’s all.

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