What do you do when someone is not able to sleep? You communicate with him/ her, understand the cause behind the sleeplessness, and try to get rid of the problem to help the person finally sleep. Sounds about right?

But, what to do when this person can only wail in the name of communication? Yeah, we are referring to babies. They are as cute as hell, and they do change our lives for good. But let’s be honest, these little angels sure don’t feel like one when they don’t fall asleep when they should, or when they keep crying all the time instead of sleeping. When all you want to do is make them fall asleep so you can enjoy a few hours of peace, to do other things you want to.

This blog is to specifically address this little problem of new & experienced mothers along with anyone else who wants to learn the secret art of making babies fall asleep easily. Below are a few magical tips to make your baby fall asleep.

Invest in a proper bedding set
A proper bed, mattress, mattress protector, a soft blanket i.e. a complete, baby-friendly bedding set is a must to ensure proper sleep for your baby. Invest in a proper bedding set for babies to ensure they fall asleep as soon as they are put on to the bed.

Blackout curtains are so worth the money
Blackout curtains are exactly what it sounds like. It’s not just adults who can’t fall asleep with even a shred of light falling into their eyes. A blackout curtain blocks all the light around the baby and helps induce sleep. They are quite essential during the first few months, but they also find their application at a later stage.

Infant massage is mom-tested
Some moms from our MiArcus motherhood community swear by infant massage strokes. You can try it for your baby too. All you have to do is gently massage your baby’s face or even swipe a tissue over the baby’s face. This helps calm them down and induces sleep.

Sound-proof your baby’s room
Even a small sound from the sound of your footsteps approaching their cribs, the squeaking of the door while you are trying to open/close it, can wake your baby. Thus, it is essential to soundproof the entire room where your baby is sleeping. You can call an expert to help you or do it yourself. Calling an expert is highly recommended.

Set up a routine
One of the ways to teach your baby to go to sleep is from cues in the environment. Pick a time whenever you’d want your baby to sleep and just about 30 minutes from that time, turn the noise down and dim the lights. This will help your baby associate the whole process with sleep, and help them set their internal clock.
There are several other ways to put babies to sleep. But not all of them would work for your baby. So keep trying until you figure out the tricks that work for you.